About Us

Aksay Plastik is a Turkey-based company producing PVC and PU hoses and exporting them to over 50 countries today. Operating in the market since 2003, Aksay Plastik has quickly become one of the most leading PVC- PU hose manufacturers in Turkey, offering support and reliable services to its customers.

Thanks to its pursuit of innovation and high quality Aksay Plastik has been widening its product range significantly, providing its customers with high-tech, customized PVC & PU hoses. Mainly operating in Europe and America Aksay Plastic has been able to meet their customer’s unique demands all over the world, with its flexible and effective approach.

As well as offering reliability and sustainability, it is Aksay Plastik’s goal to be able create a safe space to explore new projects and innovations for it’s customers, while supporting them with expert assistance for developing new products.